Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Wedding Dress

The budget for weddings today rivals the cost for a year at a prestigious college, almost $28,000. One of the biggest expenditures is for a wedding is the wedding gown. According to The Bridal Association of America, the average price of a wedding gown is $1505. If you can save money and still get a beautiful gown, then why wouldn’t you? Perhaps you might even spend the same money you budgeted but instead of buying what you can afford, you find a dress you believed was out of your price range. You can do all this by considering a second-hand bridal gown.

While some people might consider a used bridal gown a bit of a problem, they forget that they’re the only one know they purchased it used, unless they tell someone else. Inexpensive bridal gowns tell the world you got a discount by the pure quality of material and workmanship. Nobody but the person footing the bill has any idea the used gown was a discounted price.

Many brides forget how many people try on wedding gowns before they buy them. In reality, for some dresses, the combined total of those “try on” times may be equal to the length of time the bride actually wears the dress, so even new gowns are often used.

Brides that purchase dresses directly from the store seldom have them cleaned professionally before they wear them. Brides that purchase used dresses normally find the previous owner professionally cleaned the dress. In many cases, the person purchasing a used dress actually receives one cleaner than the person buying from a store, unless the dress was made especially for them.

Brides normally fall in love with the dress they purchase for their big day. Because of this, they take great care to preserve the dress. When you purchase a second-hand wedding dress, know you’ll be buying one that another person loved and went to great lengths to keep nice.

One way to find a wide selection of used wedding gowns is to use the online services of websites that specialize in this type of transaction. At the site, you’ll find gowns of all price ranges and quality. Sometimes, brides sell their dresses immediately following the wedding. It may be to secure funds to start their household or simply because they have no storage room for the gown. Because of this, you’ll often find the latest fashion in bridal gowns online with a number of styles from which to select.

You don’t have a chance to try on the dress in person to make inquiries to the seller of the dress. See if they had it altered in any way. Not all size 10 dresses are really size 10. If possible, find out the previous owner’s measurements to make certain the dress will fit you or try one on in a retail shop.

While you can get a far more expensive dress when you purchase a second hand bridal gown than you would
be able to buy at the same price retail, you do have to be aware of some specific items. Often bridal gowns run a size smaller than street clothing. When you purchase a gown retail, often the price includes any tailoring necessary to make the dress fit perfectly. If you buy a used wedding gown, make certain that you know a good tailor and approximately the price they charge for alterations. Include the cost of some alterations in the price of the dress before you purchase. Compare that with paying retail for the dress and you’ll know if you have a bargain or not. In most cases, however, the cost of the tailoring is minimal by comparison.

If you purchase online, make certain that you go through a reputable site that offers a secure method of payment and a liberal return policy. Even if you purchase a discounted second hand bridal gown, the gown is still a high cost item. Only purchase from reputable sites.